The Concealed Carry Institute provides a first-class Firearms Safety Class that meets the requirements of Virginia law to qualify you for obtaining a Resident or Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit.
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Online Help Guide

If the video begins and stops, or stops half-way through,

1) Try clearing your web cache. There's a good chance the video downloaded only part way and couldn't finish the rest because of your web browser's default restrictions.

- To clear cache for IE: Open up your IE web browser and look at the top. You should see File, Edit, View, etc. In this, you'll see the "Tools" item. Click on "Tools" and a menu will pop-up, select "Internet Options" and a little window will pop up. In that window, you will see a Browsing history section. There is a button labeled "Delete..." Click on that button and you will see another window which has "Temporary Internet Files" at the top. Hit the "Delete files..." and confirm it with a "Yes". Your cached files have now been deleted.

- To clear cache for Firefox: Open up your Firefox browser and look at the top. You should see File, Edit, View, etc. In this, you'll see the "Tools" item. Click on "Tools" and a menu will pop-up, select "Clear Private Data" and a little window will pop up. Make sure that "Cache" is checked in the list and hit the "Clear Private Data Now" button.

If you have any of the less popular browsers, such as Safari or Opera, the steps are similar to those of IE and Firefox.

Once you have cleared your cache go back and watch the video again. Let it load and try to move the slider past the point.

If this doesn't work, proceed to step 2.

2) Try upgrading your Flash Player. Go to and hit the gray "Download Now" button and follow the steps. Once you have completed the steps, login to your account and try watching the video again.

3) Disable any ad blockers that you might be running. Turn off any web bars you might have installed. After you have done this, try watching the video.

4) Upgrade your web browser. (If an upgrade exists) Sometimes this fixes whatever "glitch" is causing the video to stop loading halfway through.

5) If all else fails, use another computer. Your account lets you login from anywhere so try watching the video from a relative or a friend's computer.

If any of the steps 1-5 fix the problem, or you fix the problem through other means, please let us know so we can keep a history of troubleshooting tips to better serve our customers.

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"Several members of my family have taken the opportunity to benefit from your site and obtain their permits to carry....keep up the good work and I will continue to refer interested people to you." - Mr. D.B., Virginia Beach