The Concealed Carry Institute provides a first-class Firearms Safety Class that meets the requirements of Virginia law to qualify you for obtaining a Resident or Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit.
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    The internet's first online firearm safety class.
    Virginia's Resident Permit is recognized by 30 states.
    Take our class with a friend or family member.  Save $30.00!
    Give our class as a gift!
    Get your concealed carry permit in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Virginia and several other states!
    Permits expire every 5 years.  Let us remind you.
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    Concealed Handgun Permit Firearms Safety Class

    The Internet’s FIRST online firearms safety class meets Virginia law to qualify you for obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit, on your schedule and at your convenience. No more waiting for the next class… the next class is just one click away!

    The instruction consists of 65 minutes of our time-tested handgun safety class, followed by a 20 question test. Upon completion, for Virginia residents, simply print out your certificate and take it to your local circuit court to proceed with your application. Virginia Non-Resident application packets are available through the Virginia State Police. In Idaho, Iowa, Oregon and Wyoming, take your Certificate of Completion to your state's issuing agency/sheriff's office and apply there.

    Our Frequently Asked Questions page has more detailed information, but should you ever need it, live telephone help is always available Monday thru Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

    ATTENTION TEXANS AND OTHER NON-RESIDENTS OF VIRGINIA - It is possible to take our class, obtain a Virginia Non-Resident Permit, and use it for Concealed Carry in your home state, if your state recognizes Virginia's permits (Except Florida, Michigan and South Carolina). To apply, request an application packet from the Virginia State Police. The cost for a 5-year permit is $100.00, and it is necessary to provide fingerprints and passport-sized photographs as part of the application process.


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    What They're SayingAbout the class

    "Virginia began allowing online classes since July 1, 2009. I took the class in late July or early August and the court clerk was skeptical when I presented her with the certificate. She said I was the first to bring her an online certificate. After jumping through some legal hoops, fingerprinting, background checks, etc., I received my permit in less than a week. I'm in a rural area and attending a class meant driving one or more hours. Thank you so much. It is a great time saver and very informative." Mr. T.R., Ceres